The History

The Zenobio Palace is one-of-a-kind palace situated next to the anabranch of the Canale Grande.

Rich in tradition, the palace, originally built in the gothic style belongs to the Zenobio family from Verona. The family acquired the palace in 1664 and sought the famous architect Antonio Gaspari to complete extensive renovations. Centrepiece is its ballroom, which is over two floors high and has a gallery for an orchestra. More highly-decorated rooms of different styles adjoin the ballroom.

The luxurious furnishings with frescos, magnificent stucco work, mirrors and portraits of Luca Carlevaris, Louis Dorigny and Giovanbattista Tiepolo are some of the most representatives of 18th century Venice grandeur.

Additionally, the Zenobio Palace has an impressive interior garden created in French style - a rarity in Venice.